john lawsonJohn Lawson is the Amazon #1 best-selling author, International Keynote Speaker, IBM Futurist, eCommerce Strategist, and CEO of ColderICE Media. He is a native of Atlanta, GA. His favorite airline is Delta. You can connect with John on Linkedin.

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Delta Airlines

Delta Lounge in Atlanta F concourse

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Passport holder

Bose noise cancelling headphones

Dulla  Powerbank

Multi-USB Charger

Sydney, Australia

Business Travel Hacks Episode 1 show transcript:

[00:00:00] One thing that I will I learned from a security guard at some security class one time and he said when you’re flying remember plus three minus six. I was like wow that’s a pretty interesting thing. What’s the what’s the formula. Plus three is like you don’t take your shoes off until you have taken off plus three minutes and you should have your shoes on six minutes before you land. And the reason why, is because their are emergencies that happen would normally happen either at plus three or minus six and you don’t want to be one of those people without any shoes on.

[00:01:06] Tell me your name and what you do. OK my name is John Lawson and I fly around trying to make money.

[00:01:16] You live in Atlanta so you know obviously that’s that’s one of Delta’s big hubs so I’m assuming you’re a big Delta fan. Yeah I’m a big delta fan but not just because I live there. I mean I’ve you know you get to fly a lot of airlines. I mean Delta has taken care of me now so they’ve turned me into a fan before it was just a forced relationship.

[00:01:37] Now because you also probably spend way too much time at the airport because the flight delays and all of that occasionally happens.

[00:01:46] What’s your favorite things in the Atlanta airport that people should know about the favorite thing in the Atlanta airport. I like the the Delta Lounge on the F concourse. That’s a cool place because it’s got an outdoor patio

[00:02:06] Let’ talk about packing. Are you one of those guys who like to plan it out and have a detailed list or you pack like a morning or even into the night before anything leaving early or are you a last minute scramble kind of throw everything in the bag and get going kind of guy? Ok I’ll pack the day last night before. I seem to overpack no matter whether I’m going on a short trip or a long trip. I seem to put too much stuff in there that I don’t end up using.

[00:02:34] But what I’ve learned there is ways to you know do packing. So I’ve watched a lot of videos on youtube on how to pack your shirts so they don’t wrinkle and roll up your jeans so they don’t take would up as much space and put stuff in zipper packs and all that kind of stuff. But one of the things I do do is I always stay overnight or not overnight to my toiletry bag stays packed so I don’t have to go around looking for those parts.

[00:03:06] What’s what’s your number one favorite travel hack ever picked up?

[00:03:10] I like working in the lounge. I get a lot of work done. I’m very focused when I’m in the lounge. So I will leave my hotel early and come to the airport just to be in the lounge.

[00:03:24] Tell me about the one time you had the perfect travel experience. What made it so wonderful?

[00:03:33] The perfect travel experience would be when the car picks you up at the airport or you know and you go to the hotel. But then coming back they pick you up at the hotel and they take you to the airport. Now when I was in South Africa they had escorts that would meet you at the car and you know take your bags and everything and they would take me all the way to the lounge. His job was to take me through you know check in. And we went through a special lane. So it was much faster. I got through customs fast and then he would walk around the other side he met me on the other side of customs with the car and my bags and walked me all the way to the airport just telling me all the cool shops or areas that I could go to the airport and took me into my lounge one day when I got in the lounge hung out there until it was time to go over to the flight and he came back and met me there. I was like this is some crazy service, I’ve never had Concierge service like that in an airport.

[00:04:44] And how is it organized, was that something that the event organizers did for you? Or is it something that you booked or the airline have got that worked out well. I had the organizer do that for me because I had a tight connection on two airlines. So I was getting off with a Delta Airline and had to get on a Australian airliner.

[00:05:06] So you know you have to go through customs to get your bags and then I had to go and check back in. You know you ever done that around about that can be a pain. It can take a lot of time. So he’s like well we’ll set you up with this escort service that will help you through that transaction. I was like ok no problem. And so when they did it the first time they did it on both sides so it was like really cool ok.

[00:05:34] So you got a suitcase packed. You’ve got a roller board that you take aboard with you. Is that the only bag you check or do you take another personal item by a bag or something like that?

[00:05:45] OK. So what are stored there. Because you always get you back to write a story. The especially on international trips I’ve started taking a backpack with me, a little soft backpack. Right. And what I’ve used them for is just you know the things that I want to have at my reach so I can put it under a seat in front of me and whatnot. And all my computer and all the cords and crap go up top. But also when I came in handy was I was over on the you know weight by like two pounds and I was able to just pull that stuff out of there and put it in my backpack because a backpack didn’t really have a lot of stuff in it. And I started yelling and extend it and it always seems to be room to expand the backpack. Absolutely. And the same way I, I prefer never to check in. I like to do a roller board and backpack and that usually can get me seven days like that with no problem. You know I want the perfect luggage. What are you going to keep listening to the show because some of my friends will tell you they have the perfect luggage. So you have a week to listen to find out which one they recommend is good because I am not familiar with the perfect luggage.

[00:07:00] The other thing I do is especially on a long flight, I put a hoodie in my backpack. Because sometimes it just gets cold even with the blanket.

[00:07:11] So what is in your backpack what kind of stuff if we were to dump it out. What would we find in there? What do you think? A lot of times I put my wallet in my backpack. I don’t get why only when I’m traveling it’s next to my passport and that’s another thing I’ve got a passport holder that goes around my neck and I don’t know something about not having to look for that passport. Once you get off the plane you know because you’ve got to pull it out a couple of times before you get on it a couple times after. So I don’t have to look to find out where is my passport. It’s always around my neck when I’m traveling. So that’s going to be in my bag when it’s not around my neck while it’s going to be in my bag because you know who wants to sit on a plane for 15 hours with a wallet on them or in the front pocket.

[00:08:01] You know, whatever I want to read I do actually use paper sometimes to read then I will have a book in there. let’s see I’m looking right now I’ll have my trusty headphones. I got a pair of headphones with Bose headphones with noise canceling. I love those and those are really cool even when you’re not listening to music. So people will talk to you OK. You can put them on the seat mate is bugging the crap out of you or you really want to. I’ve got a charger you know I got a little brick it’s a Dulla  powerbank but I got the same one. OK I got to have a tan because you get to have to yell out which is ridiculous this is 2018 you still got to fill out a piece of paper for customs. But oh well. So I always have a pen or two in there.

[00:09:02] Do you travel with one of those multi USB chargers? No. So you can plug multiples USB cords to one outlet. Well you know what I’m going to get one now that you mention that is an awesome idea. I will send you a link to the one I’ll send you a link to the one I use. You’ll you kind of have that and we’ll make sure to put it in the show notes as well.

[00:09:30] Quick question just so we can touch down and wrap up. Number one a favorite travel destination. It is definitely Sydney.

[00:09:38] What do you drink on board? Club soda.

[00:09:44] What’s your biggest travel pet peeve? Biggest travel pet peeve. I guess it’s people that are not aware of their spatial difference and it’s drives me crazy. People look you know it’s it’s amazing how many people just stop in the middle of the walkway and it drives me crazy. That’s just my pet peeve.

[00:10:06] What’s your superpower? My superpower as it relates to travel is. I think I know how to get myself comfortable anywhere.

[00:10:18] What’s the one thing you never travel without?. The one thing I never travel without. Other than my id and all that kind of stuff is my computer, man I can’t. I’ve got to keep that thing right next to me.

[00:10:35] Final question John we’re we’re we’re we’re getting ready to touch down. Do you get to the airport way early? Do you get there on time or are they announcing your name before closing the doors? Way early sometimes too early. I’ve gotten there now. That’s one thing I would tell people like go with time especially when you’re traveling on an international flight. Know what time the counter opens because I’ve got there four hours early you know wanting to work or whatever and you know checking out my hotel like oh just go to the airport and work in the lounge and the counter is not open yet the counter didn’t open until two hours before just like so I was stuck for two hours in the airport without my lounge working space.

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