Episode 3 Nicole Leinbach ReyhleRetail Minded’s Founder Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is recognized as a global retail thought leader from companies that include IBM, American Express, Vend and more – including having been recognized as #3 out of 100 worldwide retail influencers. Reyhle regularly contributes to media outlets that include Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC and others – as well as speaks at worldwide events with a core concentration on commerce and consumer experiences. In addition to Retail Minded, Reyhle is also the Co-Founder of the Independent Retailer Conference and Author of the book “Retail 101: The Guide to Managing & Marketing Your Business” from McGraw-Hill and has supported American Express’s Small Business Saturday as their Spokesperson since 2014.

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Travel Products & Places mentioned:

Denver International Airport (DEN)
Southwest Airlines
Tumi Classic Black Carryon
Tumi Black Leather backpack
SholdIt scarves (one of the scarves Nicole travels with)
NuGo bars
Children’s Alopecia Project
Born flip flops
Virgin Airlines
Sydney, Australia

Business Travel Hacks Episode 3 show transcript:

[00:00:00] There is an app called the seven minute workout app. I use it in my hotel room of course but I find that in airports or long flights like I’ll even open it and try to do some of the things if I am standing up bad moving the legs doing something to keep that motion moving within your body because of that you know important of course it’s sitting down for so long to keep the blood flowing so forth. So that is always the priority as well.

[00:00:58] I am Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, the founder of the RetailMinded and author of the book Retail 101, the guide to mananging and marketing your business. And I’m on the road all the time at various trade shows conferences events that focus the retail industry at large.

[00:01:14] What is your home airport. Denver Colorado. DIA.

[00:01:20] Any special tips if you end up getting stuck in the Denver airport. You’re there for a while but special places like that these are all things that you really enjoy about the airport that other people might or should I find. It’s great because I find that they have some convenience based retailers that I can get a few things checked off my To Do list whether it’s new makeup from Kiehl’s or possibly a little gift for friend. There is a variety of retail stores there so whenever I have the time I’ll explore them but typically I do purchase small items because I’m a huge fan of carry on. So that’s a good thing that has to be too bulky to travel with. But that said there’s so much variety there that it can pass time some time. It also allowed me to like I mentioned before it checked things off that to do list.

[00:02:09] So domestically I’m a huge Southwest fan, A-list preferred, really love just the convenience and ease. I know it’s not for everyone but for me it’s really been a favorite. And I find that their punctuality is huge. I very rarely if ever have delays with them and that’s something I really value when it comes to my time and overall efficiency and life management.

[00:02:31] I would suggest Clear. It’s a fantastic resource for anybody who travels often or even a little bit for that matter because it pushes you ahead of everybody else when it comes to getting through security. And they even have it now at some baseball stadiums. I am in Denver Colorado for example. When I go to Rockies game there’s a Clear section that allows me to simply use my fingerprints to get into the stadium before anyone else and at the airport of course it works the same way. Simply put your finger tips don’t have to pull out an ID and they’re going to escort you right to the front of the line to get through security.

[00:03:06] What do you wish you knew when you first started traveling for business that you know now after the gazillions miles you have flown. So that is a great question Bryan.

[00:03:18] So I am the gal that can go away for two weeks and bring a carry on and way back when so I will age myself quite a bit here but way back when when I first started traveling. This is 20 plus years now. I did not have just that ease in mind when I hit the road. Instead I’d want to make sure I had like seven pairs of shoes for each and six different shirts and a few different dresses and so forth whereas now I’ve been able to really streamline my wardrobe and allow for myself to be an efficient packer but feel like I’m still getting some wow that is that experience as well because let’s face it Emily of the view that I appreciate fashion I appreciate all of different things but I don’t like waiting for my luggage to be delivered no matter where we are and they never want to risk the chance of lost luggage. So I’m a carry on girl only so what I wish I knew then what I know now is that if you buy certain clothes and certain footwear and accessories and so forth. As a woman you can really become a mix and match well providing a more easy experience for your travel. You know 12 hours before armed party. But because I have sort of a wardrobe that I’ve not consistently when I travel it’s easy for me to just pack and pool and you know keep that in mind. I have containers whether they’re bags or the like cloth bags for my scarfs or certain shoes and it just be routine. I know exactly the pair of jeans exactly that black dress. Exactly that perfect pair of shoes that will match anything and it’s truly just an efficient quick pack.

[00:05:00] And of course my favorite luggage. You can’t you can’t travel as much as anybody who travel about the dust without having prefered luggage.

[00:05:09] What is that preferred luggage? So it’s the Tumi carry on is the classic black Tumi carry on and also their largest leather black backpack from Tumi. That is really great for every day, it gets me computer in there. It gets you Know actually I put my purse inside that backpack which allows me to have ultimately 3 bags when I land. But while I am traveling at that minimum two carry on. So collectively I just find it really works. Of course the wheels to me are so important, I know that sounds crazy. But I love the ease of just pushing or barely pushing for that matter. Just kind of rolls with me and it kind of twists turns and not all bags do that. So it really does come down to those little things when you are on the road as much as someone like myself.

[00:05:56] So what else is in your carry on obviously besides your purse?

[00:06:00] Okay I definitely have a scarf and the scarf is large enough that it can be a blanket. I almost always have it over me on an airplane because I get cold and I have a little zipper area that I have my hand sanitizers, Tylenol just in case, which I rarely use but if you were to needt it it’s nice to have it there. Benadryl since I have so many different allergies an epi pen. You know the essentials when it comes to this that health if you will.

[00:06:27] And I always have at least a couple protein bars, as well as gum and mints and some hand sanitizer wipes as well or countertop wipes just in the travel size because you never know when you might bump into some kind of sticky just reality that travel but instead of making it a problem there’s always ease. If you have those things ready to go. And of course my computer. I have a little pouch if you will that carries all my tech essentials so I have the backup battery the plugs whatever it is that I know I might need to recharge and just keep myself moving.

[00:07:03] What kind of protein bars do you prefer?

[00:07:06] Ok so I’m a big fan of the so-called NuGo bars N U and what I love about them is that they actually have a donation to the charity called Children’s Alopecia Project which my son has alopecia. So I discovered that by chance when I was in the airport and I found these bars. I enjoyed the bars. And then when a later looked at the packaging more closely I realized it donates to that charity that I’ve been supporting for years anyway. So added bonus.

[00:07:32] Do you have any special travel clothing other than the scarves or shoes that you that you prefer?

[00:07:38] Yes I always have flip flops so that’s another thing in my carry on I always have a pair of Born flip flops I keep them in my carry on and I swap them out between whatever heels or other shoes I might be wearing as I’m going through airport because I just find that it allows me to move quicker and on sometime on the airplane I don’t want to wear like a constricting footwear let’s say it’s winter and I have a boot or something so I’ll swap those out. Where the flip flops. And for whatever reason I’m just attached is a pretty good pair and tuck them right and that’s it works great.

[00:08:12] But I feel like for a woman a scarf is the best hack you could have because it could be wrapped around your neck, used as a blanket preferred or used as a shawl. I even use it as a wrap if I am let’s say I’m traveling to Vegas and I find one hour to sit by the pool side. It becomes you know a waist wrap as well. So if you find yourself that great scarf it’s truly multi purpose and it just eliminates you from having to bring multiple different pieces of garment or clothing or accessories to suit all those different needs. So for sure that’s something I really like. And then I would say the other thing is just making sure everything is a mix and match so that is a hack. As a woman I find it much easier to have a streamlined wardrobe when I pack versus having different colors and different accessories as a result. Instead I just stick to the basics. Maybe it’s boring for some but you can add that you know fun in with your accessories of earrings and scarves and so forth purses but black, denim, gray, white typically tends to be what a lean on.

[00:09:15] Tell me about the one time you have the perfect travel experience?

[00:09:20] So I’ll go with recently I flew Virgin Airlines for the very first time from L.A. X to Australia and from start to finish. And this is the roundtrip experience at large. I found them to be so efficient ontime, punctual, polite, all the things that you would hope and expect when you have a 15 hour flight ahead of you. I flew business class so of course that you know it’s great because it adds to the experience as well. I really found that their entire approach to travel was to make sure that their guests, not the customers but rather their guest felt as if they were there to enjoy the experience not just get them from point A to point B but rather to enjoy and engage and create a memory within itself. And I did. When I reflect back on it almost two week experience in Australia. Two of the most favorite people that I met happened to be on my flight going out, and on my flight returning home. And so combined but the airline itself I love how they give you a little pouch when you sit down and that which has a few essentials you need by the way and they’re just thinking of all the details. And I truly appreciate that.

[00:10:35] Do you have any kind of habits or rituals you do when you get in that way. What does it look like. Make sure that you’re you know you’re comfortable you’re safe, clean or extra clean. Yes. Their are some germaphobes and I think I’m sort of like in the mid range of what the germaphobes probably is when it comes to hotel travel I have I’ve traveled quite a bit and stayed Marriotts a lot as well as Westins a lot they tend to be where I am.

[00:11:02] And so while I trust them and I know that they do a great job I do have my own sanitizing wipes, that I just immediately do the phone, the light switches, the door handles and whatever countertops surface area that I know I’ll be using and that’s it. And then they move on I move forward I immediately take off any sort of blankets or pillows that are decorative on the bed. So if it’s a decorative pillow the reality is that they’re not washing that in between every guest, so anything that I know is just there for decor, I move it immediately away from whatever space I’m going to be using so I tuck it in the corner or a closet or somewhere that is out of sight out of mind and won’t be touched. And then the other thing I do is make sure that I have some extra pillows just because I enjoy that particularly if it’s a longer trip and I always call down and ask for extra hangers if I’m traveling for like three or four nights because I know them and eat more than what they typically provide. And the other thing I do Bryan and I’ll be very curious to know how many other people do this actually is I let them know that I don’t want any cleaning service for my entire duration.

[00:12:13] What’s your favorite travel destination?

[00:12:17] Oh gosh. I keep talking about Australia but I did just get back in there. I just adored it. Sydney Australia. Gold Coast Australia fantastic I would highly recommend anybody to check that off their bucket list if they want to go.

[00:12:29] Any dream place that you always wanted to go but haven’t been to yet?

[00:12:35] I would love to go to Hong Kong, Asia somewhere with the culture that I just simply haven’t experienced before. It’s wildly different than my home of Denver Colorado. So that’s definitely on my bucket list.

[00:12:47] What or who has impressed you during the travel experience?

[00:12:51] I think one of the best parts of traveling is in fact the opportunities and moments that you have with unexpected strangers and just meeting and discovering tnew things along the way.

[00:13:02] What’s your biggest travel pet peeve?

[00:13:06] Slow moving people through security. You know when they’re really fumbling around and thinking and wondering what to do next. I think it just comes from as much as I travel. I like to get through things efficiently.

[00:13:19] What is the best lesson you’ve learned about traveling in all the years you’ve been traveling? Pack light. There’s no need to check baggage on unless you really, really absolutely must. So the lighter you pack the easier the trip can be.