Aleyda Solis is a well known and highly experienced International SEO consultant, providing personalized & strategical SEO advice, training and on-going support through her boutique SEO consultancy Orainti, from where she helps from multinationals to startups across the world in competitive industries & complex environments requiring a highly personalized, in-depth & scalable approach towards organic search growth.

Awarded as the European Search Personality of the Year in 2018, included in Forbes top 10 online marketing experts to follow in 2015, in Entrepreneur as one of the 50 online marketing influencers to follow in 2016 and in Hubspot as one of the 59 Female Marketing and Growth Experts You Should be Following, Aleyda has also been interviewed in publications such as The Huffington Post and in Google Partners Podcast.

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Business Travel Hacks Episode 7 – Aleyda Solis show transcript:

[00:00:00] My favorite travel hack. I have this little hack I have to say but this is the thing like since I travel so much as work on the go. At least I tried to stay in nice places right. Even if I know that I’m going to be just three days at a place. It’s very likely sometimes I won’t stay much of a hotel right because I go to a conference. I will need to work up order that at the hotel. But when I go back to the hotel and the morning I want to have a nice view, I want to sleep well comfortable, etc. Right. In order to choose a good place to stay instead of trying to just try to go on to filter out and identify the ones that have the best rating or reviews on TripAdvisor for example. I’ve validated I’ve always but the whole validate at how how it actually feels to stay there by going to Instagram. In Instagram what I do is to look for the photos that have been taken at that place, you know that you can’t geolocate the photos right. So I will look the photos that have been taken in that hotel to make sure that it it actually looks inside how it is supposed to look and how it is shown in the website. On there own website or official website to make sure that I will that I will get.

[00:01:22] Very likely what I what I really expect and I will be comfortable enough there and have a good experience there too and it’s how I said before to have a really good balance to enjoy traveling to enjoy staying there not only thinking about the work. Right. And that is how with it it keeps me going and it keeps the enjoyment of traveling so much.

[00:02:16] Yes. Well my name is Aleyda Solis. I am an international SEO consultant and I have my own SEO consultancy and I work remotely and probably this is why I travel a lot. Right. All of my clients they our distributed they are all over mostly across Europe and also in the U.S. and a bit in Latin America. Also I collaborate with other team members that are also spread out across Europe and I travel a lot because of conferences one of the things that I and I enjoyed them was doing this is speaking at conferences for sharing and work. This is how I also network at so I speak a lot at conferences, conferences and I make the most out of the experience also especially if it is some estimations that I really like to stay a little bit longer to discover a little bit. So is a little bit of a mix. So it’s because I work remotely.

[00:03:14] I work on the go and and that’s mainly, mainly the reason. About the airport I am based in Spain and right now I am even in the north in Santander right which is a small city by the sea, quite nice. But it’s not necessarily that well connected internationally so whatever I need to fly to another European country or to the U.S. or any elsewhere. Right. I need to connect or will always via Madrid. Madrid-Barajas which was my home airport like until a year and a half ago when I was living in Madrid. So that I consider that one my actually my home airport is the one that connects me to all over the world. And it is a nice airport. I really like the just lounges.

[00:04:01] You also operate a website for people who like to work remotely who also do a lot of traveling why don’t you tell us about that.

[00:04:09] Yes well this is a thing right. I started working remotely back in 2012 or so when I was still employee as an employee of an agency that was based in in the U.S. Right and I was the only employee at that point working remotely. Then at some point I started my business as I became independent. And one of the things that I told myself is that I really wanted to be wanted to start agency or consultancy I wanted to keep this freedom that I felt to work from whatever I liked. And I came to doing that. So a lot of people started to ask me at that point oh you were an employee before and now you are independent and you have been already like a remote for a while. Tell us how can I do that.

[00:05:01] Because there was there was fear that I was travelling all the time or working from home or working from the pool that I had an idea to do this crazy commute and going to all of these usual challenges that you have when you actually need to go to a specific place to work. And asking me for tips and how they could become and do so at some point I talking with all soseo friends and colleagues. We understood that there was this need of having a place where resources inside guides references were sure about this and this is how we started promotors. Now I have a partner that she called Alisa and she’s also an SEO and she’s also remote. And what does we do with remoters is that we share from references, guides we do interviews with people who work remotely. We have a job board where we share good jobs that are remote based and we have a good living section if you are more of a digital nomad and was due to choose to stay at places where you can find a community and this is a little bit more. So we want and our goal is to have sort of like a trip advisor for remote professionals or just layman too. So they can find at all the resources that are needed in order to start their journey to work like this and have this type of lifestyle or to operate correctly because a lot of the challenges comes due to the productivity issues or communication issues that are more usual also when you are not used to work remotely is a little bit challenging at the beginning to share about all of this in order to make it easy.

[00:06:49] Not only for people for the employees or independent consultants or professionals are also for organizations right. I remember when I was sharing promoters idea. Right at the beginning a long time ago to work through if people were quite seasoned already. Already business owners many of them and I remembered that like when I was sharing this idea with employees or independent people or freelancers their reaction was not at all. That’s quite nice. I wish I was Remote. No. Right. Yeah. Business owners were more like oh good I don’t know if that will work because if it is already challenging for us to keep the communication going while these in a specific place everybody right. I don’t know how I would make that work if the team is distributed across across the globe. Right. So this is why we have promoters because we know it requires a little bit of work. There are already tools out there but they are not as used as they should. We want to promote this type of lifestyle and also make it far more common that people can develop professionally in their own way right that they don’t need to be or leave in a city that they hate. Just because the there is a job there that will help them to get where they want professional lives. That shouldn’t be a requirement I believe.

[00:08:19] What do you wish you knew when you first started traveling for business that you now know.

[00:08:25] Oh my god. I wish I had known that the Priority Pass cards. You know this card that is used to be able to access to many many lounges across many airports around the world.

[00:08:41] So especially at the beginning because I wasn’t traveling business so much because I didn’t have the status yet at the airline that I use the most one hand you’re not traveling comfortable and you need to catch up again to work a little bit on the go. But you are in a place where there are families or whatever people talking. Then not even need to do is note not even good Wi-Fi connection or anything so for me is like I know that was my for example where my main phone plan was my mobile plan right now I can connect from whatever I want doing tethering . Because I also have a really very good plan and it allows me to connect all over Europe and also the U.S. without any extra charge and with that and also having a way to access good lounges across any airport in most of the airports in the word weather with the priority cars or because I am traveling business that is good enough for me to properly work right in an arrangement that is comfortable for me. That is important I suppose do you feel comfortable that you can put headphones to you have you know a little bit more quiet it silver these things like that but definitely having access to a good lunch that will give you Wi-Fi. In case you you don’t have to be on your own data plan with you at that point. I think that that is a big win. They helped call me at the beginning about discard or how to write from the start. Start working towards achieving a certain status that is true with a specific airline or group of airlines that will have been amazing right from the start.

[00:10:36] If we took your carry on you know your personal item and we took everything and inspected it look kind of like the TSA would here maybe we will not dump it out on you. Well inspect it would find any kind of gadgets in there? What are you carrying any snacks? What are you traveling with?

[00:10:55] Sure. Usually not it might in my carry on. Actually I will bring mostly my clothes and makeup and hair straight haha to look but mostly things like that. But then you see my backpack because I bring my carry on and then pack a backpack that is also very good for the back. That also makes a whole really good difference that and having the MacBook Pro that is also very light the small one. And even sometimes I have travel with my Macbook only that it lacks its a small but not as powerful as the pro that is very very light in case I know that I need to walk a lot with the backpack so but for example think the backpack whether you will always find is that you’re bringing an extra battery for my for my room mobile my a Mophie battery that’s before when I had the previous iPhone I had the case battery but they don’t do it anymore for the iPhone 10 so I have this extra battery nonetheless. With me all the time just in case right.

[00:12:04] I will always bring at the airports you to be able to at any point if I am like even in a train or waiting in the airport or whatever to be able to watch Netflix I always downloads as series or movies in Netflix or Amazon Prime before going any anywhere that has like a non-trivial amount of time where I know that I have the other airport or during the flight right. So I always bring that with me. And then what else. I have a 260 camera that I’d totally had bothered to always take photos from whatever. And I always bring it with me this but sometimes I forget about it and I’m like really bad about that I’m not the things that I have started to do recently is to have but the Blinkist app access. And I also have downloaded many many summaries of books and fiction books. So that’s one of the goals that I had for this year for myself to learn about a bunch of the things not only SEO and marketing but from finance economy things like that so I but first all I can read two or three of these summaries of books. Very interesting to hear instead of only watching movies or TV. So I try to have what I need to entertain myself actually work well even if I am disconnected to you. I tried to I always think ahead. Right. Like what would I need to download in order to be able to do that. Do to have a productive fly or wait. If I have them if I don’t have the conection right then I will try to download as much as possible gather all the information that I need to finish a project or do and or do a now dead and gather already the data that I needed to validate things instead of having to lie to having them on my compurter and things like that to keep the productivity going.

[00:14:14] In all your years of travel now what is the best lesson that you’ve learned?

[00:14:21] The best lesson that I have learned to never forget my pastport for potentially. That is like I always bring my passport just in case you know that in our around Europe in Europe I can travel with my identity card just in case I also have my passport just in case I’d lose something so I am very careful with that. I have like a copy of my passport and all my I.D. Oh my. Oh my e-mail. Things like that. I am always very mindful of having all the necessary papers and everything to travel somewhere. Maybe because you know I am originally from Nicaragua right. So I wen I was still having my Nicaragua pastport. I went back where I was that I needed to be extra careful ways to get the visa which wouldn’t require required more visits to the U.S. across many countries to be able to enter. So I have been always very careful regarding that paperwork etcetc. Once that I got the Spanish passport it was a lot of relief a lot of words out of me. But I am still very extra careful more than usual more than I think that I have seen many people go like oh I forgot my pastport or i forgot my I.D things like that ever happened to me so I was very extra careful with all these types paperwork etc. that I need to do.

[00:16:07] What is your favorite travel destination?

[00:16:11] Are my favorite destinations definitely Tokyo, Japan is amazing. Oh my God is my favorite city of the world. This is a mix of everything as is New York. There is that evolution of New York right. And then at the same time feels so soft so authentic and a little bit in the past because you can walk a slow bit around and you feel or you will find all this little streets with this very authentic typical Asian Japanese of course of places’ where you will have these amazing ramen or sushi. So it is yeah definitely Tokyo is my number one destination in the world. I just come back every day. It bears who you do enjoy it now.

[00:16:58] I mean I can’t imagine how many destinations you’ve actually been to because I mean I see a picture of you going all the world but is there a place that you’re dreaming of going to that you haven’t gone to yet.

[00:17:10] Yes actually you know I think that there’s actually one place that I really wanted to go and see if I can make it happen. Still this year the Maldives there but the first is well that’s the situation in particular needs to be 100 percent holy days because of course it’s pure beach pristine beaches etc. It’s amazing. But yeah it will be a little bit more difficult to have a conference there. However I am going to a conference in Bali in October so that wasn’t the destination that I.

[00:17:44] So they did the what it wanted to do to go but the Maldives. There that’s one destination a place that is really on my list from a lot a long time ago and I really am very looking forward to go to.