Episode 9 Jennifer HoffmanJennifer Hoffman is an enthusiastic and passionate Marketing Director with 13+ years of experience in brand building and strategic marketing, with an impressive track record of developing key partner relationships. Fascinated by all things impacting the customer journey; brand experience, user experience and customer experience. Hyper curious about new tech, innovation and startup culture!

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[00:00:00] I was going to ask you about the snacks because that’s that’s that’s always something for people.

[00:00:07] It’s nice that people do travel I would agree. It’s interesting. You know there are some people who very conscious about what snacks they bring aboard and others that don’t think about it at all and I think it makes the whole difference of making the flight easy especially if there’s delays like that. That’s why I bring protein bars with me. Right. You can be on a plane for a few hours and not have any food and the lunch and like care I’m getting hungry and except you’re kind of stuck if you haven’t brought anything.

[00:00:34] And again it goes back to when I was with you about being prepared. Because I think that you never really know what you’re going to get yourself into when it comes to travel. You don’t know what kind of delays there’s going to be and you’re not always sat in the airport when your flight is delayed right. Sometimes that as you just said there could be a mechanical problem with the plane like loading the luggage or whatever the case may be is where you’re physically on that plane for a number of hours. I had a situation actually where I was in Florida of all places and we had to wait two hours for the sun to rise is for it to melt the ice off off the wings of the plane because they didn’t have the icing equipment down in Florida. And I again like it if I wasn’t prepared with like a snack and a bottle of water I probably would have starved. Yeah. You never know. You always have to be prepared.

[00:01:23]  So my name is Jennifer Hoffman. I am the marketing director at DeepCrawl. We are and as SEO web crawler basically trying to help businesses achieve visibility online. And the reason I travel so much is we have multiple offices around the globe being marketing director part of my job is to brand advocate and to represent the organization at different events that we sponsor, that we exhibit at, that we speak at and award ceremonies and the types of things. So I basically offer support and again brand advocates so that’s why I do so much traveling for my job. My home airport. Actually despite being an American is London, Heathrow.

[00:02:39] Being you know Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world and a lot of people especially from the States flying into the airport and waiting around for their connecting flights.

Do you have any special places you absolutely love in the airport that you can share?

[00:02:55] Of course. So any frequent traveler has their own kind of like their preferred airline. I mean because I do a lot of transatlantic travel between the U.S. and the U.K. Mine is going to be Virgin Atlantic. So I love, love, love their clubhouse in Terminal 3. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s nice. It’s relaxing.

[00:03:16] They’ve got a roof terrace there and you just have the ability to kind of unwind and kind of getting yourself together before you get on the flight flight. If you don’t have access to one of the clubhouses in a place they get away like that. One of the other spots I’d love to kind of run and hide too. Not to mention get a bite to eat. Is this restaurant called Oriel. It’s also in Terminal 3. But one of the reasons why I love it so much is that they make those cocktail and it’s called a Mary Verde. It’s a bit of a play on a Bloody Mary. But instead of like tomato or clamato juice you actually have a mixture of like green juices and then instead of the vodka they actually use tequila and then they garnish it with pineapple juice and a bit of mottled jalapeño. So you get your green juice nutrients and then you also get a bit of alcohol the kind of take the edge off with where you are about to head off into the madness about the airport and the flight.

[00:04:13] Tell us about the first time you ever travel for business. What do you wish you knew when you first started traveling for business that you now know?

[00:04:23] Wow. So all of the memories coming bashing back to my first ever time traveling through business I guess he I was 17 or 18 years old and I’m the thing that I did was I just really built up the experience so large and we had I was the first time I’ve ever actually traveled like in business class.

[00:04:45] And so I had conceptualized this whole idea of what the other people in business class were going to be that were going to be incredibly successful, well put together you know business entrepreneurs. So I kind of like decided this is well above my pay grade and I was going to be incredibly uncomfortable and to the point where it really impacted me and I had like this ball of nerves. So the whole run up to the trip and the packing and the flight and the airport and all of that I just I was super tense and it became not enjoyable. So my suggestion is just like breath it’s not really that big of a deal. So many people I think get themselves worked up when it comes to travel and flights. Yeah.

[00:05:30] What is your travel superpower?

[00:05:34] Oh my travel superpower. So I’m I’m not so sure that many people would classify this as a superpower but I think it is. It’s the ability to stay calm in travel situations so the airport experience like train experiences bus experiences flight experiences. All of these are kind of scenarios that got a lot of people quite worked up. You know you’ve got the stress of going through security and you’ve got the stress of making sure that your bags are under a crtian weight and way you’ve got the stress of making sure that you know how many bags you can take on one airline and all of these different things that are commonly running through your mind. So you’ve got people who don’t travel on a regular basis like myself or some of the other business travelers that are litsening in.

[00:06:18] And I think we can’t forget that a lot of the time and so people around are newbie travelers if you will get really stressed out a lot of the time or when you’ve got canceled or delayed flights that has the ability of creating stress as well. And yes I think my ability is being able to stay calm amongst all that chaos. I would I would define as my my travel superpower.

[00:06:42] So what’s to talk about. You know you’re traveling and packing to do you take a suitcase with you do you only do roll board and carry on. Do you get all the different outfits you get into the bag if any special travel clothes and expect that special travel footwear. What do you do?

[00:07:03] Oh yeah. OK. So it really depends on a couple of different things. I like going to the U.S. because when I go to the U.S. for work trips it typically means that I’m going for three to four weeks. So what that means is the big the big suitcase comes out and that means I really need to be quite conscious of how I’m packing, what I’m packing due to again weight allotments on the bag. Also it depends on where I’m going in the U.S. I’ve had a situation in the past where I was in New York for a week where it was a complete winter blizzard and then the following week I was actually down in Miami. So packing for that was a complete nightmare. Then if I’m just doing like quick like weekend trip or like a two or three day trip around Europe then obviously it only warrants kind of carry on.

[00:07:50] I’ve got like the most fantastic Ghurka about from this company in New York that are just like the perfect size and they carry so much. And for me like when I’m I’m thinking about like traveling and what I’m going to pack for travel is things like you want it to be effortless. You want it to be right. You don’t want to have to lug around these super heavy bags. Right. So I always pack roughly 90 percent of everything is black. I think it’s kind of a problem. How can anyone who knows me like 90 percent and I’m dressed in black anyway. But what I find with that is it’s kind of like the Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg everything always matches. And so if you have a black top and a black pair of pants and then they you swap them out with a black pair of shoes and then a black dress it all mixed the matches quite well so then you can get away with with only taking a couple of pieces and the like really having to bring your wardrobe. And I think going to thinking about like my wardrobe that I actually wear on the plane for my travel that long haul flight. I am a creature of comfort like I love to be comfortable especially again that’s going to be more than like a four hour flight. So I basically dress down.

[00:09:05] I will be in my gym shoes like making Nike Dry Fit leggings, like a Nike Hoodie or my DeepCrawl hoodie or something that’s super comfy. I’m sure, I think I’m just I’m a fairly simple girl on my T-shirt jeans and like a pair of driving shoes or like loafers something that I’m comfortable in and like I know they thinking about like getting through security and all that. Because again most my travel is fine. You just want something that’s super simple to side on and off when it comes to footwear. But I think yeah just being comfortable is my number one suggestion and the number one thing that I think about when it comes to travel.

[00:09:42] If we took that backpack and slowly inspected it what is inside it, what will we find?.

[00:09:51] You will always find a laptop. Hands down without a shadow of a doubt. I don’t go anywhere without my laptop. You’re also going to find like usb charger. You’re also going to find a book because I know most people like digital tech they prefer like a Kindle or some sort of electronic device for reading but I prefer a good old fashioned like current paperback book. Always always always going to find like Airborne or some type of an immune booster always going to find a bottle of water and kind of like my advice when it comes to traveling a package of Haribo gold bears. I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. So those get me through my travel. That’s for sure.

[00:10:37] Who or what has impressed you during the travel experience?

[00:10:41] I’m going back to what I said earlier around now. Incredible experience that I had. In Montego Bay in Jamaica and it’s this tiny little resort called Round Hill and they’re the ones that again today did the survey in advance. They were open and welcoming and constantly checking in and just the entire experience is absolutely superb.

[00:11:05] And I have to say for as much grief as hit as the airline industry actually takes on a regular basis through and through. And time and time again Delta consistently seems to have really impressed me.